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About Us

Established in 1969 by its current president Stephan Valchev our furniture factory is situated in the midst of the Balkan – the small town of Tryavna. Our main productions are solid-wood furniture and stylish art furniture inspired by the greatest achievements in architecture and furniture–making dated Ancient history to Renaissance. Our personnel are high qualified in production of sophisticated unique pieces of furniture. We use prime quality solid wood, mainly oak. We provide long-term guarantee of the wood. We manufacture single pieces of furniture as well as entire interiors for private residences, restaurants and hotels. Our range of products corresponds to European and American markets requirements. We offer attractive and flexible price formation.


We have detailed and diversified products list:


  • Design of your own personal project;
  • Front doors and halls;
  • Luxury studies and desks;
  • Bedrooms;
  • Soft furniture and chairs;
  • Dining rooms;
  • Living rooms;
  • Kitchen furniture;
  • Restaurants and front desks;
  • Woodcarving on furniture;
  • Entire furniture interior.


We recently opened a brand new show room near the city center. You can visit and personally discover that our performance is absolutely consistent to manner, environment and requirements by the customer. Welcome!