Bedrooms | Луксозни мебели

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Leisure is not the only purpose of a bedroom. That room is the most intimate space of home. Pleasing and relaxing atmosphere is of great essence since the bedroom is where a family keeps unity and love alive. Furnishing the bedroom is extremely private. In spacious rooms we often produce dressing compartments even additional wardrobes with independent construction or chest of drawers. We will produce the bed following the size of the mattress.

Valchev furniture-making factory will produce for you solid-wood bedroom, upholstered beds and expansive wardrobes in various colors and forms, with diverse wood decorations selection.

Nursery and children’s room. We are able to create the first universe where your baby will grow and form its character, where the sense of a home will be planted for the first time, where the toddler will play or sing and start to read. For the complicated life of the teenagers we offer to make two-storied bed and even individual rooms.

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